It all started in the Maya era.Around 600 BC, there are archeologically documentedcrops of cocoa trees in their area. Very soon the production of cocoa drink began to spread. The properties of the precious fruit were considered for the human body unique for the benefits they offered, even "magical".

Even the Aztecs, who did not have fertile land for the cultivation of cocoa trees, began to trade huge quantities of cocoa beans. They rubbed them together to create dust, flavor it with vanilla, corn and red peppers. In this mixture they poured hot water and named it "Chocolatl", meaning bitter water. It was considered invigorating, digestive and a cure for all diseases. 

Cocoa first came to our continent, Europe, in 1528, by the well-known Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes. When on one of his voyages he ran aground with his fleet in the Yucatan he learned the habits of the Aztecs, and leaving from there he took with him a basket full of cocoa beans.In the following years the drink "Chocolatl", became known throughout the imperial Spanish circle and slowly became fashionable throughout Europe. Chocolate as we know it today, in solid form was first made in a traditional London shop in 1674.